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We offer a variety of classes for ages 2.5 through adults, all geared towards preparing dancers for the world of ballet. Classes offered include ballet, tap, pointe, pointe prep, men's classes, contemporary, variations, adult senior classes, and more! We provide an all-inclusive environment and welcome dancers of any gender, any background, and of any experience level to join us. All programs are designed to allow students of varied ages and skill levels to get the best dance education possible, and help them to excel and thrive in the world of dance.


Ages 2.5 to 6

Our Primary Program offers engaging introductory classes tailored for young beginning dancers aged 2.5 through 6. Classes are thoughtfully designed to nurture a love for dance, while laying the groundwork for a strong and versatile foundation in ballet.

Classes Offered:

Ballet, Tap


Ages 7 to 18

Our Academy is the next step in the dance journey, offering a progression of classes that challenge and inspire as dancers grow in skill and artistry. Classes are structured to provide a comprehensive education in ballet, encompassing both technical proficiency and artistic expression.

Classes Offered:

Ballet, Pointe, Pointe Prep, Character, Contemporary, Tap, Private Lessons


Ages 18 to Senior+

Classes Offered:

Ballet, Pointe Prep, Pointe, Variations, Private Lessons

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