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About Us

Attitude en Pointe has been bringing the joys of ballet to the DMV area since Summer of 2019. Despite a life-changing pandemic occurring in their first year, they adapted their curriculum and embraced the phrase "the show must go on" to it's fullest! With this attitude, some perseverance, terrific instructors, and an effectual curriculum, AEP thrived. We now continue to provide high-quality classes for our students, as well as a caring space for dancers to express themselves and do what they love- dance.

Our studio embraces how ballet has evolved throughout history, and prepares dancers at every age how to be safe and successful in their artistic and athletic goals. As a ballet academy, we focus on classical ballet training, and supplement this with classes in contemporary ballet, men's classes, strength training, pilates, tap dance, and more. Our well-rounded curriculum and versatile instructors embrace and teach technique from the different schools of ballet (Vaganova, Royal Academy of Dance, Chechetti, Bournonville, and Balanchine) to ensure that our students are able to understand the nuances and apply them. Dancers going through our program will gain professional technique, exceptional artistry, comprehensive understanding of vocabulary, and an appreciation for themselves and what they have accomplished.

Meet The Team

We have an exceptional staff of professionals whose extensive backgrounds in classical ballet and number of years teaching brings much to offer to our dancers.

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