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TRIAL/PLACEMENT: Ballet 1B (ages 6-7)

Trial/Placement Class

Service Description

Session B (Spring): Monday, February 5- Monday, June 3, 2024 New to our studio? You can try a class at no cost to make sure it is a good fit for your dancer, before committing to the session! Session B (Spring): Monday, February 5- Monday, June 3, 2024 Trial classes are available for the first month of the session, or until registration for a session closes. Trials are available in classes with spaces still open- click the register button to view the calendar with available days and times! The cost is a one-time drop-in cost with no further commitment. *If classes are not available, it is possible we do not have any more trial classes or spaces in a specific class or level. Please feel free to send us an email to with any questions or for confirmation* Open-Enrollment vs. Placement Class Information: When dancers reach the age of 7, we begin to offer two different kinds of classes: foundational classes that are open to all dancers (open-enrollment), and more advanced classes that require placement. Most open-enrollment classes are within our Pre-Academy, and most placement-only classes are within our Academy. Typically, dancers new to ballet, dancers with a couple years experience, or dancers returning from a break begin in Pre-Academy classes, and dancers with more experience and/or more “serious”, committed dancers take Academy classes. Trial classes are offered in all open-enrollment classes only. If you are interested in placement, a trial class can serve as a placement class as well. When registering for your trial, there is a space to note if you are interested in placement or learning more about this. Alternatively, we have private placement classes available on our registration page. Placements are no pressure, rather a means to find the class that’s the best fit for your dancer and where they will enjoy, excel, and benefit from the most. --Our Ballet 1B class is a ballet class designed for 6-7 year old dancers, both with and without ballet experience. Class follows the order of a regular ballet class with a warm-up, ballet barre, center work, and across the floor. This beginning level incorporates learning proper alignment, presentation, musicality, and basic technique. Stretching and strengthening work is introduced. Our beginning levels are taught professionally, while still being engaging and fun! An automatic confirmation email will be sent to you upon registration. Looking forward to dancing with you!

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