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Pointe/ Pointe Prep

Adult Program

Service Description

**You must register 48 hours in advance for the class(es) you would like to attend. You can register for our Adult Program classes either as a one-time drop-in class, or using a pre-purchased multi-class punch pass. To register as a drop-in, you can continue on this page and click "book now". To purchase a punch pass, please do so here: The come back to this page to use your pass and enroll in class(es)! This class can be taken on pointe or in flat shoes- it is a class that focuses on pointe technique, and all exercises are modified for the dancers enrolled in class. Exercises focus on pointe technique, alignment, artistry, balance, and strength. Adults new to ballet are welcome to take this class in their flat shoes to help gain the strength needed for pointe, and learn what is needed to dance on our toes. Looking forward to dancing with you!

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