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Brand New to Ballet

Adult Program Drop-In Classes


Brand New to Ballet is a foundational class appropriate for absolute beginners. In this level we start from the very beginning to learn the basics of positions, ballet technique, and general terminology. Dancers are introduced to the fundamental exercises of a full barre, preparatory center work, and preparations for turns. Emphasis is placed on alignment, strengthening, musicality, and balance. This class is most ideal for dancers wanting to try ballet for the first time, those wishing to re-learn fundamentals, and dancers with minimal experience seeking a refresher on positions, terminology, and technique. Adults are able to begin ballet at any point in their life, and are encouraged to go for it- it is never too late to begin or revisit! One doesn't need to be flexible or strong to start; ballet helps us develop these qualities over time, while deepening our perceptions of beauty and allowing us to express ourselves without words. Ballet involves progressive learning, where foundational skills build on each another, and consistency is key. Dancers are encouraged to attend classes regularly, either weekly or bi-weekly, to get the most out of their classes and continue to progress. An automatic confirmation email is sent to you upon registration for this class. We look forward to dancing with you!

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