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Ballet 2: SUN 10:15 (by placement, 8-10)

This class is currently unavailable- please contact us.

Mini Session 1 only: June 17- July 21


Summer 2024: MINI SESSION 1: Monday, June 17- Sunday, July 21. This class meets for one hour once a week, on Sundays at 10:15 am during our summer Mini Session 1. Co-requisites: None during our summer sessions. Ballet 2 (approx. ages 8-10) is the first ballet level within our Academy, and requires placement to enroll. This class builds on movement skills and class structure learned within our Primary Program. Emphasis in this level is placed on correct placement and fundamental technique skills, musicality, and strength. Dancers will be able to begin utilizing these skills through combination, continue to increase their ballet vocabulary, and learn in an environment that allows them to grow and leave class confident in their abilities and their path forward. Placement: Placement in our Academy classes considers many factors, including age, ability, and previous training. - New dancers to our studio interested in placement, or learning more about placement, please email, or fill our our placement request form here: - Dancers enrolled in the previous session are emailed placements and class recommendations. Please register according to our placement recommendation for your dancer. Tuition: Class has been prorated to reflect where we are in the session- registration is rolling over the summer and does not close, even if the session has begun! A $35 registration fee is included in the total tuition. An automatic confirmation email is sent to you upon registration for this class. The email you use to register is what we will use for all confirmations and studio/class communications! We are looking forward to dancing with you!

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