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Primary Program

Ages 2.5 to 6


Our Primary Program offers engaging introductory classes tailored for young beginning dancers aged 2.5 through 6. Our introductory classes are thoughtfully designed to foster a love for dance while laying the groundwork for a strong and versatile foundation in ballet. At the heart of our Primary Program is an uplifting and encouraging environment, where the joy of dance meets foundational learning, and where young dancers blossom into confident individuals, ready to take their next steps in the world of dance.

Beyond the Barre

Beyond dance technique, our program is designed to facilitate the holistic growth of our students. These formative years in a young dancer's life are crucial for both personal and artistic development, where valuable life lessons are learned. Through the journey of ballet, dancers learn discipline, fostering a strong work ethic and the ability to persevere through challenges. Teamwork becomes second nature as dancers collaborate and support each other in achieving common goals. Confidence blossoms as dancers learn new movements. Body awareness is heightened, promoting a deeper understanding of our physical capabilities and fostering a positive relationship with one's body. The art of ballet encourages self-expression and patience, teaching young dancers to convey emotions through movement and embrace the rewards of gradual progress. Our instructors are dedicated to supporting not only budding dancers, but also fostering the overall well-being of each young individual.

Classes Offered

NEW DANCERS: All Primary Program classes are open enrollment, meaning they do not require any prerequisites outside of age requirements. Please register according to the dancer's age as of the first week of the session you are registering for.

RETURNING DANCERS: Currently enrolled dancers are emailed placement recommendations for the new session! Please register according to our placement recommendation for your dancer.

Ballet Primary Program

PreBallet A

Ages 2.5- younger 3's

45 min

An engaging introduction to the world of ballet designed for our youngest of dancers, aged 2.5 to younger 3's. This class introduces dancers to the basic principles of ballet, while also improving their coordination, motor skills, and rhythm.

Pre-requisites: None outside of age requirements.

Young Dance Students

PreBallet B

Ages older 3's only

45 min

Pre-Ballet B, designed for older 3 year olds only, is an engaging  introduction to the beauty and grace of classical dance. This class builds upon the foundational skills introduced in Pre-Ballet A, guiding young dancers through essential developmental milestones as their movement skills and coordination naturally advance with age.

Pre-requisites: None outside of age requirements.

Young Ballerinas

Intro to Ballet

Age 4

45 min

Dancers are introduced to the world of ballet in a manner that is both fun and imaginative, fostering a love for the art form from the very beginning. This level begins to follow the fundamental structure of a typical ballet class, including warm-up exercises, basic introduction to the ballet barre, introductory center exercises, and movements "across the floor."

Pre-requisites: None outside of age requirements.

Dance Class

Ballet 1A

Ages 5-6

45 min

In our Ballet 1A class, dancers learn the fundamentals of ballet, while developing grace, strength, and confidence. This class is appropriate for young dancers both with and without prior experience! Class follows the order of a traditional ballet class, where dancers learn basic technique, musicality, and explore their own unique artistries. Basic stretching and beginning strengthening work is introduced.

Pre-requisites: None outside of age requirements.

Tap Primary Program
Dancers with Tap Shoes

Intro to Tap

Ages 4-5

45 min

Dancers in this introductory class explore basic rhythms, steps, and sequencing, all while making music with our feet! This tap class complements ballet training seamlessly— the rhythm and coordination developed in tap serve as a valuable enhancement, accelerating improvement across all dance disciplines.

Pre-requisites: None outside of age requirements.

What to Wear

We love students expressing themselves stylistically, but still within a few parameters to ensure classes run smoothly, dancers are able to move freely, and instructors can properly evaluate the dancer’s form and alignment (regardless of age).

We know it takes time to attain these items as new dancers! Dancers have a 2-week grace period after they begin classes to attire properly.

General, for all Primary Program Classes and Genres:

  • No dance shoes are to be worn outdoors: Dance shoes are built with a sole specific for a dance floor. Wearing shoes outdoors can ruin your shoes and the traction on the bottom, and will track unwanted dirt, grime, etc into the classrooms and affect the material of the dance floors.


  • No street shoes are to be worn in the classrooms: For the same reasons as above!


  • Minimal jewelry: Jewelry is fun, but can pose a safety risk when dancing, as well as a distraction. No loose jewelry, chunky accessories, or long necklaces are allowed in class.

  • Hair: Must be worn in a secure ponytail or bun, with hair pulled off of the dancer’s neck and back from their face. Hair accessories must also be secure and not pose as a distraction.

Clay Vase

Ballet Class Specific:


  • LEOTARD: required. Any color and sleeve-length. 

  • BALLET SLIPPERS: required. Canvas or leather, pink or skin-tone in color. Split-sole shoes are recommended, versus full-soles. No drawstrings/ drawstrings tied and cut off.

  • TIGHTS: recommended. While tights are required for performance, they are optional for class. For class, any color is ok! Footed or convertible. Can be worn under or over your leotard. 

  • SKIRT: recommended. Must be short, thin, and hang flat (no pancake tutus). Any color. any color and sleeve-length. Either a separate wrap skirt or skirt attached to your leotard are ok.




  • FITTED TSHIRT: required. Any color, no logos.

  • BALLET SLIPPERS- required. Black in color. No drawstrings/ drawstrings tied and cut off.

*Boys are welcome to follow the "girls" dress code if they prefer*

Schedule of Classes

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