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A ballet academy that uses the classical techniques of ballet to develop poise, strength, and confidence in its dancers; and inspires them to excel as individuals. Classes for all dancers ages 2.5 through adult, all levels.

New studio located in downtown Bethesda on Wisconsin Avenue

All 3 of our classrooms feature sprung floors and full-length mirrors... Read here to learn more!

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Male Ballet Dancer
Young Ballerinas
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“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Come one, come all! We welcome all friends ages 2.5 through adults and older seniors!

Ballet is a performance dance often known for the grace, poise and elegance of its dancers. Less apparent are the strength, flexibility and musicality of its dancers, and more importantly, the self-confidence, discipline, creativity, mental fortitude and collaborative spirit it instills in them. These are life-long skills with benefits reaching far beyond the dance floor and into all areas of the dancer’s life.

At our studio, we are working to mesh together aspects of individuality and strict classic ballet together. Ballet is for all: boys, girls, all ages, and all backgrounds alike. Our curriculum remains faithful to the core principals of ballet in technique and as an art form, but de-emphasizes arbitrary rules and some of the stereotypes associated with the dance. One can work hard and have fun while exploring their own unique artistry. Our academy embraces the full range of skills offered by ballet and builds them into the curriculum at age-appropriate levels.​

Dancers going through our program will become both athletes and artists, learning both classical variations widely known as well as more contemporary-type pieces.

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